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motor matic injeksi irit harga murah

motor matic injeksi irit harga murah dari yamaha with 58.5 mm piston is still busy in the capital Jakarta. Like, in the Green Gem, West Jakarta. Because of tight, got Yamaha Mio Billy dubbed 'ghost Green Jewel'. The time anyway? The key was in the piston 58.5 mm and a combination of the valve. "Here again the height of 58.5 mm with a standard piston. So I make, "said the man who lived in Kemandoran, West Jakarta.

Let skubek Billy kenceng and ready to drop into drag, doi took Suncang Dama. Doi one mechanic who also lived in the area Kemandoran. So, not far from where he lived.

"Let me add a big engine power, engine piston wear dibore up Honda GL Neo Tech diameter 58.5 mm. To be added compression height, piston dome is made. Height of 2 mm and 0.5 mm lip. For boringannya I also use a Honda GL, "said the mechanic who is often called Suncang this.

Still not enough playing dome, high compression and is also being pursued through the alteration of solid cylinder head. Dipapas the lip cylinder head 0.5 mm. To the dome following the piston diameter. "Create a spigot, still wearing the original. It's just buried, so let the valve gap distance of 5 mm," added the friendly mechanic.

For carburetors, stick with the standard. Finally, Suncang membobok by replacing the original exhaust pipe and silencer hole becomes larger. "It's better to round up and disposal ngisi not hold back," lid Suncang again. (

Rims: TDR 1.20 x17
Tires: Comet 60/80x17
Exhaust: Custom
Noken: Custom

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